“How can I lower my body fat %?”

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lunges without weightsOne of my friends recently texted me, saying that she was halfway through a body-fat-dropping contest at her job, and she had only lost 1% body fat. She had 4 weeks to go, and wanted to drop 4 more percent. Here’s what I told her to do:

1. Stop eating late at night

2. Cut out cheeses and only drink fat free milk

3. Cut your bread/pasta in half

4. Stop eating candy

5. Lift more weights, or do body weight training (pushups, lunges, etc.)

6. Stay away from other fatty things, like nuts and avocadoes

Easier said than done, of course, but that’s basically it.

Dropping a Stone in 6 weeks: Week 4 meal plan

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  • Breakfast (250 cal): Protein shake (1/2 banana, water, ice, protein powder, glutamine)
  • Snack (50 cal) : 1/2 banana
  • Lunch (200 cal): Ground turkey, spinach, BBQ sauce
  • Snack (150 cal): Trail mix
  • Snack (150 cal): Microwaved sweet potato with cinnamon
  • Dinner (250 cal): Brown rice, egg whites, vegetables
  • Snack (200 cal): protein bar

Secret weapon: Frozen Grapes

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At night when I’m craving sugar, or any time of day really, almost 24/7, I’ve found that some frozen grapes will do the trick! Pop a bag into the freezer and they are like little candies!

1 cup of grapes is only about 60 calories!

Dropping a Stone in 6 Weeks: Week 3 Meal Plan

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I am down 6 pounds from when I started, that’s almost half a stone! 9 more pounds to go!

  • Breakfast (250 cal): Protein shake (1/2 banana, water, ice, protein powder, glutamine
  • Snack (200 cal) : egg whites and vegetables, brown rice (1/3 cup cooked), ketchup/hot sauce
  • Lunch (200 cal): Ground turkey and vegetables
  • Snack (150 cal): Trail mix
  • Snack (100 cal): Roasted vegetables
  • Dinner (200 cal): Brown rice, vegetables
  • Snack (if necessary, 150 cal): protein bar

Dropping a Stone in 6 Weeks: Week 2 Meal Plan

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  • Breakfast: Protein Shake (powder, ice, water, 1/2 banana, cinnamon)
  • Snack: Egg whites and vegetables, ketchup & hot sauce
  • Lunch: Salad with chicken, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, light dressing
  • Snack: Trail mix
  • Snack: vegetables and hummus
  • Dinner: Brown rice, soy sauce, a bit of oil, and stir fry vegetables, nuked (healthy fried rice!)


Dropping a Stone in 6 Weeks: Week 1 Meal Plan

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  • Breakfast: Protein Shake
  • Snack: Oatmeal with cinnamon and Stevia
  • Lunch: Chicken, spinach salad with light dressing
  • Snack: Trail mix
  • Snack: carrots and hummus
  • Dinner: Grilled chicken, pita chips and hummus

6 Steps to Drop a “Stone” in 6 Weeks

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10lb transformation

Like a normal human, I slacked off on losing weight as soon as Thanksgiving hit. I just took a trip to Ireland for Christmas, and I drank so much I came back 165 lbs. Yikes!

They talk about weight in “stones” over there. This unit of measurement is approximately 14 lbs per stone. Example:  “I weigh 10 stone.” “I lost 2 stone.” or “I used to weigh 12 stone 6.”

I’m going back to Ireland February 12, to go to a wedding, and my goal is to drop 15 lbs, or, approximately, a “stone.”

I already lost 5 lbs in just 10 days. Here is my plan, follow these steps if you want to try it too!

1. I created an account at MyFitnessPal.com, dl the app and track daily calories
2. Eating 1200 calories per day (calculate an estimate of how many you should eat)
3. Workout 5 times per week
4. Not eating after 7:30pm
5. Not drinking alcohol (except on cheat meals!)
6. Sleep 7 hours per night at least

I’ll post my weekly meal plans, tips, progress, struggles, and cheat meals on Facebook and Twitter. You can also add me on MyFitnessPal to see what I eat everyday.

I leave for Ireland February 12. Wish me luck.